You just stumbled, by chance or by purpose, upon the website of a German developer and linux sysadmin in his early 40s. Besides his profession (which undoubtedly takes quite a good part of his lifetime), he enjoys some gaming, now and then, fantastic literature and movies, the intricate design of celtic knotwork and music, from the calm sound of the celtic harp to the archaic themes of pagan folk, gloomy gothic rock and driving industrial beats.

Following the way of Wyrd as an animist and bard, affiliated to the B.D.O, he struggles to improve his penmanship, guitar and tin whistle skills, while dreaming of his own celtic harp (and, naturally, enough proficiency to make it sound at least a little pleasant).

For now, I think, this should suffice and I'll leave you with a whole-hearted “Bidh mi 'gad fhaicinn!”

Marcel Vapore   / | \